Introducing Auto Bank Reconciliation

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Say goodbye to manual bank statement uploads with Bukku. Experience the bank reconciliation process like never before.


Bank Transactions in Bukku

The Auto Bank Reconciliation can streamline your bank reconciliation process for more precise results and stay well informed of your cash-flow standing.

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Automated Daily Sync

Eliminate manual statement imports, your Maybank transactions flow into Bukku automatically for increased efficiency and accuracy.

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Rapid Bank Reconciliation

Experience swift processing, daily bank transactions are seamlessly integrated into Bukku for easy reconciliation.

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Optimised Cash Flow

Gain better visibility and control over your cash flow, fostering improved forecasting and strategic financial management.


Connect to your Maybank Business Current Accounts

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Prepare Bank Accounts

Make sure you have created bank account for Maybank Business Current Account in Bukku before you connect to Maybank.

Bank > Accounts > New

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Connect to Maybank

Establish connection between Bukku and Maybank so that Bukku can start pulling your bank transactions via a secured API into the system.

P/S: Certain accounts require performing checker approval process.

Bank > Accounts > Bank Feeds > Connect

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Link Accounts

This process requires you to specify which Maybank accounts link to which bank accounts under Bukku Accounting. You will also need to provide a start date for the synchronisation.

Select Bank Account & Start Date > Confirm

6-month exclusive Premium free trial

Enjoy Bukku 6-month Premium free trial, exclusively for Maybank customers!

Simply connect your Bukku account with Maybank2U or Maybank2u Biz before your 30-day free trial ends, your free trial will be extended by 5 months automatically.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my bank data safe with Bukku?

We work closely with Maybank and have passed their strigent due diligence process. The bank feed process is secured with an encrypted connection, preventing your data to be read until it's in Bukku. Your data in Bukku will be protected via multiple layers of security.

- The transactions are shared only between Maybank, Bukku and any other disclosed third party.

- Bukku cannot make payments or move money from your accounts through your bank feed connection.

- Only people you give access to can see your transactions in Bukku.

You can learn more about our privacy policy.

How do I connect to Maybank in Bukku?

You can follow the following steps highlighted here to connect.

When can I start using Bukku after a successful sign-up?

You can start using Bukku immediately after a successful sign-up. If you need a guide on getting started, you can check out our Getting Started articles. Additionally, you can reach out to our friendly customer support team for any guidance.

What are the eligibility criteria for the 6-month free trial offer?

The offer is accessible to individuals who are SME / business Current and Savings account (both Conventional and Islamic) holders, and:

- Do not currently hold an active Bukku subscription, or
- Are currently enjoying Bukku 30-day free trial
- Perform linkage within 30 days of free trial

*For users who are already Launch / Growth / Premium Plan subscribers (ended their 30-day free trial) , they are not eligible for the 6-month free trial again.

I use multiple Maybank accounts for my business. Can I link all of them?

Yes, you may link up to 3 accounts to Bukku.

When will the 6-month free trial offer ends?

The offer will go on until further notice. Don't hesitate and sign up to Bukku if you don't want to waste the golden opportunity to digitalise your business operation today.

Is the extended free trial offer open for all Maybank customers?

If you have a Maybank CASA account and you are currently still enjoying Bukku free trial or haven't started with Bukku free trial, you are eligible for this offer.

Which types of Maybank accounts are eligible for the 6-month free trial offer?

Any of your SME / business Current and Savings accounts (both Conventional and Islamic) may be eligible for the 6-month free trial offer.

How can I get support if I face any issues with the Maybank Auto Bank Reconciliation feature?

You can reach out to our friendly customer support team for issues related to Auto Bank Reconciliation by clicking the live chat button when logged into your Bukku account.

Is there a cost for enabling the Auto Bank Reconciliation feature?

There won't be any cost as this is included in our plan.

How can I get support if I have further inquiries pertaining to Maybank's standpoint?

For any further inquiries pertaining to Maybank's standpoint, please refer to here.

I’m an accountant, can I make use of this Auto Bank Reconciliation feature on my client’s behalf?

Of course. Once your client links their chosen Maybank account(s) to Bukku, you may start to use auto bank recon. Business owners are advised to give consent to their external accountant at their own discretion.

How can I create a new Maybank account?

To create a new Maybank account, please visit this page.

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