Malaysia E-Invoice Compliance with LHDN MyInvois & Peppol Network

Stay compliant with LHDN E-Invoice requirements & streamline business processes through Peppol integration with Bukku Accounting.

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LHDN E-Invoice Compliance

Bukku Accounting will comply with LHDN E-Invoice requirements, enabling you to submit E-Invoices to LHDN seamlessly from Bukku Accounting with minimal changes to your existing workflow.

The software also helps streamline the process of updating your business profile, customer and supplier information, as well as product information, to support the e-invoice submission.

Expected Release: In stages from May until 3rd July 2024.

Peppol E-Invoice Network Integration

Bukku Accounting’s integration with the Peppol E-Invoice network enables businesses using our solutions to send and receive e-invoices seamlessly between Bukku Accounting and other accounting software connected to Peppol.

Bukku is an authorised Peppol service provider accredited by MDEC.

Expected Release: Q4, 2024.

Our LHDN MyInvois Features

Find out our key features to keep you in compliance with LHDN's e-invoice requirements.

MyInvois Ready Company Profile

Bukku Accounting enables you to complete your company profile with all information needed for e-invoice submission, it also clearly indicates the incomplete information to become MyInvois Ready.

MyInvois Ready Contacts & Products

Bukku Accounting enhances our contacts and products modules, allowing you to seamlessly enter additional information such as TIN, NRIC, product classification, etc, until it becomes MyInvois Ready.

Standard E-Invoice Submission

Standard e-invoice submission to MyInvois is embedded into our already simplified invoicing process with just a button click. It supports separate or bulk submissions. You’ll also receive notifications of the submission status.

Consolidated E-Invoice Submission

Certain business natures can opt for consolidated e-invoice submission once per month. Bukku Accounting has a user interface to submit multiple normal invoices as a consolidated e-invoice to MyInvois.

Self-Billed E-Invoice Submission

You are required to issue self-billed e-invoices when your suppliers are not able to provide an e-invoice. You can submit any purchase bills as a self-billed e-invoice to MyInvois in Bukku Accounting with a button click.

Cancelling a E-Invoice

You can cancel an e-invoice (with a reason stated) within 72 hours of the MyInvois submission time. This action can be performed in Bukku Accounting with a click. Once it’s accepted, the invoice will also be voided in Bukku.

Why Bukku E-Invoice Software?

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We are the fastest-growing accounting software in Malaysia and currently supporting 30,000 businesses.

Support Included & No Upgrade Fees

Unlike other vendors, our subscription fee already includes all future upgrades and live chat support.

Forever Free E-Invoice Submission

Bukku is the only software in Malaysia with a free, permanent invoicing plan supporting E-Invoice.

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