Running depreciation for your fixed assets in Bukku is as simple as 1-2-3 as long you have it registered in your Bukku account. Let me show you how!

Running Depreciation

  1. Navigate to Accounting -> Fixed Assets.
  2. Click on Depreciate on the top right.
  3. At Depreciate To, select the month you want to depreciate your assets to. Eg. 12/2021 for depreciation until end of 2021.
  4. Bukku will show you the list of assets and it’s accumulated depreciation value for the entire period in the list.
  5. If everything looks ok, click Depreciate.

Expecting more? Sorry to disappoint, that’s all for running depreciation in Bukku.

Inspecting the Depreciations

We recognise that sometime it might not be a good idea if things are ‘too automated’ and you have no idea what’s going on. Fret not, we’ve got you covered, you can find out more about the automated depreciations with the below:

  1. Navigate to Accounting -> Fixed Assets.
  2. Click on the View button beside the asset you want to inspect.
  3. Click on the Depreciations tab beside Info.
  4. Here you go, the monthly depreciation will appear on your screen.

Rolling Back Depreciation

In case you have made a mistake and is looking to roll back the depreciation by a few months:

  1. Navigate to Accounting -> Fixed Assets.
  2. Look for the 3 dots (…) beside Depreciate button.
  3. Click on Rollback….
  4. A pop up will appear, asking you for the months you want to have the depreciation undone.
  5. Select your desired month and click OK.

You’ve just successfully rolled back depreciation of all your assets for some of the months.

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