Register your fixed assets in Bukku so that you can run the depreciation, disposal and generated reports related to your assets automatically.

Follow the steps below to register your fixed assets, assumption is being made that you have previously recorded the purchase with Purchase Bill or Money Out transaction.

  1. Navigate to Accounting -> Fixed Assets.
  2. Click + Register.
  3. Look for the asset you are looking to register under Asset. Eg. MacBook Air (2021).
  4. If you have selected an asset. The following fields will be automatically filled up for you. (You can however choose update any of the fields)
    • Type
    • Name
    • Purchase Date
    • Purchase Price
    • Depreciation Settings: Method, Convention, Useful Life / Depreciation Rate.
  5. Verify all information and click Save.

Once you’re done with the steps, you should be brought to the fixed asset listing with the assets you can added. You may now proceed to Run Depreciation.

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