Follow this article to record the purchase record of a fixed assets. You may record your fixed asset purchase with Purchase Bill or Money Out transactions in Bukku.

Note: You may skip this article if your assets are already recorded in your Chart of Accounts by other means, eg. you’ve brought in the figures with your Opening Balance.


  1. You are purchasing a computer equipment (MacBook Air 2021).
  2. The cost is RM4,500.00.

Recording the Purchase

  1. Navigate to Purchases -> Bills.
  2. Click on + New.
  3. Enter your supplier, purchase date and other details.
  4. Add a line item:
    • Enter the item details in the description, eg. MacBook Air (2021).
    • Select Computer Equipments – Cost under Account.
    • Enter the price 4,500.00.
  5. Click Save.

You’re done and may proceed to register the asset for depreciation now.

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