Disposal of a fixed asset

This article guides you how you can dispose your fixed assets in just a few steps. Setting Up for Accounts You will need to create the following accounts to record disposal of your assets. You can add the accounts under

Run depreciation for your assets

Running depreciation for your fixed assets in Bukku is as simple as 1-2-3 as long you have it registered in your Bukku account. Let me show you how! Running Depreciation Navigate to Accounting -> Fixed Assets. Click on Depreciate on

Register your fixed assets in Bukku

Register your fixed assets in Bukku so that you can run the depreciation, disposal and generated reports related to your assets automatically. Follow the steps below to register your fixed assets, assumption is being made that you have previously recorded

Recording the purchase of a fixed assets

Follow this article to record the purchase record of a fixed assets. You may record your fixed asset purchase with Purchase Bill or Money Out transactions in Bukku. Note: You may skip this article if your assets are already recorded

Setting up for fixed assets

Tracking your fixed assets, running depreciation and disposing assets can never be easier with Bukku. This article will guide you thru how to setup the accounts and asset types. Assumptions You have a couple of computer equipments that you are